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Connected Barcelona, Transnational Citizens
Migratory growth and urban practices

Within the framework of the Barcelona Cultural Dialogue programme, the History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) presents an exhibition organised by the Museum in collaboration with the Jaume Bofill Foundation entitled Connected Barcelona, Transnational Citizens. Migratory growth and urban practices. The exhibition reflects upon certain innovations in urban life in this last decade of intense human contribution and about the day-to-day of practical relationships and is grouped together in five different spaces: “Imaginaries”, “Connections”, “Intimacies”, “Businesses” and “Asymmetries”. The exhibition analyses how relationships between some people and others, beyond that of cultural origins, form an increasingly more globalised city. The end of the exhibition tackles, in clearly rigorous historical terms, the relevance of successive migratory contributions in shaping the metropolis of Barcelona in contemporary times and attempts to provide a summary of the city in 1900, 1930, 1975 and 2007.


Connected Barcelona, Transnational Citizens: Migratory growth and urban practices is part of a series of exhibitions focusing on all the historical aspects that contributed to the shaping of today’s Barcelona, within the framework of the temporary exhibition programme about modern, contemporary Barcelona organised by the History Museum of Barcelona.